It is situated along the Salary road nearby Rieti. The crPeace Christmas Crib,, socalled on january 6th 1980 by the Polish Cardinal Ladislao Rubin spreads on the Holy Valley in a natural scenary of a rare beauty.
In a grotto of remarkable dimensions on the flank of crColle S. Antonio,, has been placed the first group of statues representing the Holy Family. Other three statues which represent the three wisemen have been recently added. The work has been completed with other 5 kneeling statues with lifted arms imploring at the foot of the Holy Family, symbolically representing the 5 continents as wish of solidariety and peace among every population .
Tand cement.he figures, which in average, measure about 4,50 metres in height, have been artistically executed with simple rock blocs tied with iron The particular sculptured composition has been conceived and executed by the Sun Festival town committee. Also the Sovereign Pontiff, informed of this monumental Crib, expressd his own kindness for so significant work which, calling the inexpressible mistery of the nativity in mind, can contribute to arouse sentiments of adoration, and love to the Infant Jesus of Betlem in the soul of those people passing thereby and also constitute and invitation to a renewed care of the religious piety and fervour of Christian life .

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